Chargers officially cut all ties with Tre' McKitty, who signs with Bills

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 97th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the LA Chargers selected tight end Tre' McKitty from Georgia. Less than three full years later McKitty was no longer on the roster as the team waived him shortly after the trade deadline.

It was a striking admission of a bad draft pick by the Chargers, which has unfortunately become a trend in recent years. McKitty is not the first recent Chargers draft pick to get the boot before his rookie contract is up and he likely will not be the last.

Like Zander Horvath before him, McKitty did not even get a chance to stick around with the organization in some capacity. With the team elevating Nick Vannett, one would think that the Chargers would at least try and keep McKitty around by signing him to the practice squad.

That was not the case at all as the team has completely cut ties with McKitty. McKitty did not re-sign to the Chargers practice squad and instead signed with another AFC contender: the Buffalo Bills.

Bills signing Tre' McKitty may just be to get intel on the Chargers

There are likely two reasons why the Bills decided to bring McKitty into the organization and give him a chance. The first is the simple fact that he is a former third-overall pick and having that status does give you more value in the NFL.

As bad as McKitty has played for the Chargers, him being a former third-overall pick indicates that there is untapped potential there that the Chargers did not capitalize on, at least that might be the logic for the Bills.

Combine that with the fact that the Bills play the Chargers later in the season and it becomes apparent why this move was made. That Week 16 matchup between the Chargers and Bills may decide a wild card spot in the AFC and now Buffalo has someone in the building with intel about the Chargers.

Any kind of edge that NFL teams can get ahead of big matchups they are going to try and get. Bringing McKitty in on the practice squad is not going to substantially increase Buffalo's chances, but it could give the team at least some idea of what the Chargers may look to do in that matchup.

Regardless, the Chargers have cut ties prematurely with yet another recent draft pick, which is yet another mark on this front office.