4 Chargers that could get cut after the 2023 NFL Draft

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C Isaac Weaver

It looked like the Chargers were potentially gearing up to draft a backup center in the 2023 NFL Draft. While Isaac Weaver was on the roster the entire time, he has no NFL experience and is not the best option to be backing up Corey Linsley next season.

Those draft intentions changed when the team re-signed Will Clapp, who served as the backup center last season. Now that Clapp is in the fold, there really is no need for Weaver on the roster as he would just be taking up space.

That is especially true considering the Bolts will almost certainly be adding offensive line depth in the draft. While the starting five on the offensive line is spectacular, there are still some question marks in the reserve unit. Los Angeles would benefit from adding one depth interior offensive lineman and one depth tackle at some point before training camp.

Weaver easily becomes the odd man out as the other fringe roster players at least have the benefit of being on a futures/reserve contract. The product of Old Dominion was an UDFA for the Chargers this year and it seems increasingly likely that he will be fighting for a training camp spot on another team in 2023.

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