4 Chargers that could get cut after the 2023 NFL Draft

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CB Kemon Hall

If there is one thing that Brandon Staley loves it is having a deep secondary. Kemon Hall seemingly fits into that as he gives the Chargers another camp body that can fight for a position on the active roster or even the practice squad.

While he has a history with the team and familiarity in Staley's defense, Hall is still fighting an uphill battle in making it to training camp, let alone the active roster. With him not getting that lucrative futures/reserve contract it is hard to see a spot for him on the team.

There is a good chance that the Chargers draft a cornerback at some point in the 2023 NFL Draft. It is a guarantee that the team will take at least one defensive back as a safety should absolutely be taken, even if the team does not draft a corner.

Add in the UDFA pool that will almost certainly include multiple defensive backs as Staley looks to bolster the room and the path to Hall being cut gets more clear. The icing on top is the fact that safety John Johnson was connected to the Chargers and still could be a free-agent signing after the draft.