3 cornerbacks the Chargers could sign for depth after trading JC Jackson

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3. Tiawan Mullen

Tiawan Mullen is another familiar name for Chargers fans as he spent the 2023 preseason with the team. The Chargers signed Mullen as an undrafted free agent after the 2023 NFL Draft and it looked like Mullen would stick around after a solid camp and preseason.

Mullen always had an outside shot of making the 53-man roster but it seemed like he at least had a better chance than AJ Finley, who ultimately made it. When Mullen didn't make the 53-man roster it was assumed that he would at least be kept around on the Chargers practice squad.

That is not what happened as Mullen signed with the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad. It is usually a bad sign when the Eagles are buying in on a player as Philly has the best eye for talent in the league. The Chargers now have the chance to fix that mistake.

Mullen definitely played well enough in the preseason to earn a chance and he has the athletic profile that the Chargers should like. Why not take a chance on a young corner to be the CB5 instead of taking a chance on an aging veteran?

It might seem unlikely because the Chargers already gave up on Mullen this year but going this route might be better than going with the veteran route.