3 cornerbacks the Chargers could sign for depth after trading JC Jackson

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2. Bradley Roby

There are several familiar faces that are still on the free-agent market at this point in the NFL calendar. It is important to note that anyone on the market at this point in the year is not going to be great, so fans should temper expectations.

One of the better options currently on the market is Bradley Roby. Roby is by no means someone who can save the defense but he can definitely step in if required and play serviceable snaps for the Chargers.

Roby, a nine-year NFL vet, started his NFL career with the Denver Broncos. Roby was drafted with the 31st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and spent five seasons with the Broncos before spending two with the Houston Texans and two with the New Orleans Saints.

Roby's tenure with the Broncos did not intersect with Vic Fangio or Brandon Staley in Denver, so the connection is not there like it is with Callahan. However, Roby is a much more versatile corner than Callahan, which may give him an edge over the former Charger.

Roby played 306 snaps in the slot, 246 snaps in out wide, and 50 snaps in the box last season. While he was not the best in pass coverage, Roby is the type of corner that Staley could have fun with as a blitzer in various blitz packages.

Roby was just signed to the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad, which ironically leads into the third corner on this list.