3 cornerbacks the Chargers could sign for depth after trading JC Jackson

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The LA Chargers actually made the move that fans were asking for but never expected to actually happen. Early Wednesday morning it was reported that the Chargers were trading JC Jackson back to the New England Patriots for a pair of late-round draft pick swaps.

With Jackson's tenure in LA officially over, he will go down as one of the worst signings in Chargers history. Jackson never really had a good moment with the Chargers and it was clear that both sides needed to move on.

While Jackson was not having a positive impact on the team, the Chargers are still left with a pretty thin cornerback room after the trade. Instead of relying on a practice squad call-up to fill Jackson's spot, the Chargers may look to bring in a free-agent cornerback simply for depth purposes.

3 cornerbacks the Chargers could sign for depth after trading JC Jackson:

1. Bryce Callahan

The first name that jumps off the page for many Chargers fans is Bryce Callahan, who had a really solid season for the Bolts last year yet has not been signed to a team. Granted, Callahan is on the wrong side of the 30 and is limited to only playing in the slot, but he could still add value to an NFL defense.

There are pros and cons of the Chargers potentially bringing in Callahan. The pro is that he is familiar with the defense already and there would not be a learning curve for him. He would simply need to get back into game-speed shape for the Bolts.

The con is that he is limited to the slot and right now that is Ja'Sir Taylor's spot. The Chargers are not going to move Taylor off the slot to start Callahan, so he would only be an option if Taylor were to get hurt.

However, this would still allow the team to play Callahan in the slot and move Taylor to the outside in the instance that one of the outside corners gets hurt.