The 3 best value contracts on the Chargers' books in 2022

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The LA Chargers had a very aggressive offseason that saw the front office add more talent to the team than has been added in any other offseason with Tom Telesco. Despite all of the additions that were made and the cap space that was used, the Chargers still have one of the best cap situations in the entire sport.

That is because the team has several great value contracts on the books. These contracts are under market value and are part of the reason why the front office was able to put the puzzle together to create a legitimate Super Bowl contender this season.

But what are the best value contracts on the Chargers? Of course, rookie contracts do not count. Justin Herbert is the biggest bargain in the league with how much he makes versus what he provides but he does not qualify.

The 3 best value contracts on the Chargers' books in 2022:

1. Gerald Everett

The LA Chargers replaced Jared Cook with Gerald Everett this offseason and quite frankly, it is a massive improvement for the team. Cook really started to regress down the stretch last season and it was an issue as the tight end position was so important to what the Chargers did offensively.

Gerald Everett is far more explosive and in this offensive scheme, all the stars are aligning for Everett to have a big season with the Bolts. Even if he continues to play at the same level that he is currently playing at it would be a steal for the Bolts.

Everett signed a tiny two-year, $12 million contract with the Chargers and he is only carrying a cap hit of $4 million this season. While his cap hit doubles in year two, the Chargers can get out from under it if they truly want to and free up another $4 million next season.