3 contracts holding the Chargers back right now

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The LA Chargers enter the offseason with one of the largest salary cap bills in the sport. Even if the salary cap ends up higher than projections, the Chargers are going to have to create plenty of space to not just get under the cap, but to create enough room for the draft class and any impending free agents.

While there are some solutions to this problem, the fact remains that the Bolts cannot accelerate a rebuild in lightning-quick order because of the financial situation. It is going to take at least one full season for the new regime to get its bearings about and truly reach the team's potential as a Super Bowl contender.

When it ultimately comes down to it, there are several contracts on the Chargers books that are causing this issue.

Joey Bosa's contract is holding the Chargers back

Some players have elevated cap hits this season but are easy to cut or trade. Mike Williams and Khalil Mack both have massive cap hits but the Chargers can save a lot of money by moving on from them. Those contracts are not the ones holding the team back.

Instead, it is Bosa's massive cap hit and the fact that the Chargers won't free up as much cap space by cutting him that is holding the team back. If Bosa was not on the books then the Chargers may not have to make a drastic move, like cutting or trading Khalil Mack for cap space. Mack was far better (and more durable) than Bosa last season, so most fans want to see him stick around.

But when the dust settles, Bosa will likely be the one that stays on the team, for better or worse. Even though Mack was better and Bosa is not worth his cap hit, the money works in Bosa's favor.

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