3 contract decisions that will pay off greatly for the Chargers

Tom Telesco and the front office definitely made the right decision with these deals.

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2. Chargers have (and will) benefit from how the team has handled Michael Davis' contract

No player on the Chargers has experienced as much of a rollercoaster stint with the team as Michael Davis. Davis has had some of the highest highs with the Bolts in his tenure and he has also had some pretty low lows that made a lot of fans question his place on the roster.

The Chargers signed Davis to an extension prior to the 2021 season only for him to struggle in his first year under Brandon Staley. Davis did not adapt quickly to the change of defensive scheme and by the time 2021 training camp rolled around, there were legitimate conversations about whether or not Davis could be cut.

The Chargers refrained from making that move and once Davis got the chance to regularly play in 2022 he thrived. In the back half of the 2023 season, Davis was playing like a legitimate CB1 and was doing so at a massive discount because of his salary.

That prompted many fans to then believe that the Chargers would extend Davis this offseason to lower his cap hit for the 2023 season. The Chargers have not done so, again showing patience when it comes to Davis' situation and his contract. That is the right thing to do.

The Bolts were right to sign him to an extension, were right to be patient when he struggled, and still are right to not extend him so quickly. LA should absolutely treat 2023 like a contract year for Davis, even if it means him potentially getting a larger deal elsewhere.

Committing to an extension before the season to a player that has been up and down and could regress would be jumping the gun, especially when said player is 28 years old at a position that can regress in an instant. The Chargers have played their hand to perfection.