3 coaching changes the Chargers must make to have any chance at the playoffs

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The LA Chargers lost to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 13 and the team's playoff odds took a massive dive. While the Chargers are not eliminated from playoff contention, they essentially have to win four of the final five games to have a chance of making it.

With two tough games against the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans over the next two games, beating the Raiders was imperative. Now the Chargers either have to beat both Miami and Tennessee or beat one of the two and win the final three games of the year.

Some fans have already given up on the playoffs but those in the building have not given up quite yet. The Chargers know that they have to string some wins together in order to make the playoffs and if they are going to do that, they have to make three particular coaching changes.

3 coaching changes the Chargers must make to have a chance at the playoffs:

1. Bring back the aggression

Brandon Staley has not been the same head coach that he was last season. Brandon Staley was all about trusting Justin Herbert and his offense, almost to a fault. While he got ridiculed for it at the end of the season, there were several games at the beginning of the year that the Chargers only won because of Staley's aggressiveness.

He simply has not coached the same this season and when he has, it has worked out. His decision to go for two against the Arizona Cardinals was a vintage fourth and Staley moment and it worked out to perfection.

This does not mean that the Chargers should go for every fourth down or go for it every time a bot on Twitter says that they should have. That fourth down attempt against the Browns still goes down as one of the strangest decisions Staley has ever made.

But being completely passive? That has to stop. Staley should know by now that this defense simply doesn't have it and if the Chargers are going to win games they are going to have to win it on the back of their elite quarterback. Speaking of Herbert...