3 changes Chargers must make to go on a miracle playoff run

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3. The Chargers need to change how they use Quentin Johnston in the passing game

For the first time all season, it looked like the Chargers figured something out with Quentin Johnston. The Chargers were designing plays to get Johnston the ball quickly, allowing him to make plays happen with his legs as a ball carrier.

It was all going great for Johnston until he dropped a huge pass on third down that would have extended the drive and likely resulted in points for the Chargers. That halted all of Johnston's momentum in the game and turned what should have been a positive day into a negative one.

That being said, the Chargers still need to lean into what they were doing with Johnston in this game more than they already are. Johnston has been running routes like he is Mike Williams when that simply is not what his skill set is fit to do, regardless of his height and blazing speed.

It goes against his athletic profile but Johnston is an underneath YAC receiver. He is best used when he can quickly get the ball in his hands near the line of scrimmage. That will not only make him more productive but give him confidence when he needs it most.

Maybe one day Johnston can develop into the kind of receiver that can run the route tree the Chargers are currently giving him. That is not who he is right now, though, and the team desperately needs to realize that.

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