Chargers may end up seeing Bryce Callahan very early in the 2023 season

Bryce Callahan may actually return to SoFi Stadium, but as a member of another team.
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The LA Chargers signed several veteran free agents during the 2022 offseason and cornerback Bryce Callahan was one of the best. Needing a slot corner, Brandon Staley reunited with Callahan and he was one of the most consistent members of the defensive side of the ball.

Despite his strong play, Callahan still remains available on the free-agent market in large part due to his age and injury history. There are risks involved in signing a cornerback over 30 and NFL teams have learned that the hard way.

That being said, injuries will inevitably happen and there will eventually be teams that want to take a chance on an older cornerback. That is what is now happening with Callahan, as a potential suitor has emerged to sign the now-former Charger.

Chargers would play Bryce Callahan in Week 1 if he signs with the Miami Dolphins

The Chargers open the 2023 season against the Miami Dolphins and Callahan would certainly be leaned on in the preparation for that game if he were to sign. While the offensive coordinator has changed in LA, the Dolphins' secondary would be wise to milk whatever information it can out of Callahan for this matchup.

Callahan joining the Dolphins makes all the sense in the world. Head coach Mike McDaniel hired Vic Fangio to run the defense and Fangio brought over Renaldo Hill, who was the Chargers' defensive coordinator last season. Callahan has an extensive history with both Hill and Fangio.

Plus, the Dolphins are dealing with injuries to an already-thin secondary. Jalen Ramsey won't be in this game and the Dolphins had to sign Eli Apple, who will get torched if he plays significant snaps against the Chargers. Adding another veteran to the fold, especially one that knows Fangio's defense, is the best thing the Dolphins can do.

For the Chargers to make the most of this potential signing, the team would have to target Callahan either in the run or with the team's most athletic receivers. Callahan wasn't the best against the run and the Chargers saw that firsthand. Additionally, while Keenan Allen would still have plenty of success against Callahan, it might be better to put someone like Quentin Johnston in the slot against Callahan to take advantage of his age.

Regardless, Callahan may be familiar with the Chargers' offensive weapons but the Chargers are also familiar with Callahan's game, so the team would know exactly how to attack him.