Refs horrible missed call nearly cost the Chargers the game vs Broncos

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

If we told you before the season that the Los Angeles Chargers-Denver Broncos Monday Night Football matchup in Week 6 would feature two total touchdowns and become a defensive slugfest, you would've laughed in our face.

That's exactly what unfolded, though, as Justin Herbert found little success through the air despite dropping back to pass 57 times. Russell Wilson, meanwhile, looked like a player reborn in the first half before totaling 15 passing yards in the second half and overtime, prompting NFL Twitter to uncork the "Russ is cooked" tweets.

Long story short, the Chargers and their fans owe a big thank you to Dustin Hopkins, who drilled four field goals, including the game-winner in overtime, playing on a bum hamstring and was responsible for 13 of the team's 16 points.

With both offenses struggling to sustain long drives, the Chargers had little margin for error Monday night. So when Herbert finally connected on a deep shot to Mike Williams in overtime, everyone in the building thought LA would go on to win the game.

However, the play was ruled incomplete and officials somehow didn't think it was worth a review. It looked like a catch in real-time and several different snapshots of Williams' footwork shows the receiver did, in fact, get both feet in.

Refs almost cost the Chargers the game against the Broncos by missing Mike Williams' catch in overtime.

The blown call doesn't mean anything since the Chargers won, but it shouldn't get swept under the rug. It came on the second possession of overtime, so all Los Angeles needed was a field goal to win and Williams' catch would've set Herbert and Co. up just across midfield needing 20 or so more yards to get into field goal range.

After an incomplete pass intended for Josh Palmer, the Chargers punt the ball back to Denver, which gained three yards before punting the ball back. LA returned the favor by punting seconds later (yes, it was that ugly), only for Montrell Washington to botch the fair catch after a Broncos teammate barreled into him.

The Chargers recovered deep in Broncos territory to set up Hopkins' game-winner, no thanks to the officiating.

While Brandon Staley didn't cover himself in glory in the game, it wasn't his call to challenge the play. In overtime, plays can only be overturned via replay review.

Perhaps it was the impossible angle that convinced refs Williams didn't get his feet in? Whatever the case, this zoomed-in shot of Williams' incredible footwork shows he dragged his left toes before falling out of bounds.

That's a catch every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

We just can't comprehend how the officiating crew decided this wasn't even worth a look. There were some questionable roughing the passer calls earlier in the game, but this is without question the worst error of the night.

Given how quick the refs were to flag false starts and offensive holdings -- part of what made the game unwatchable -- you'd expect them to review a potential game-deciding catch in overtime.

That's just the reality of officiating in today's NFL. They over-officiate when absolutely nobody wants them to and go missing when flags or reviews are actually called for.

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