Chargers: Ranking Brandon Staley and every NFL head coach after 2021

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19. Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys

Yes, Mike McCarthy has a Super Bowl on his resume and there are a lot of coaches ahead of him that cannot say the same thing. That being said, Aaron Rodgers carried him to that Super Bowl and the years following (as well as his Dallas stint) have proven that fact. When Cowboy fans are asking for a coaching change, you know he is not a great head coach.

18. Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Sirianni is coming off of his first year as a head coach and was the only first-year head coach that made the playoffs. That being said, the Eagles were the worst playoff team in the field this season and had one of the easiest schedules in the league. He still gets a bump for making the playoffs but I am not sure I would take him over any of the other coaches listed.

17. Brandon Staley, LA Chargers

This might seem low but look, Brandon Staley only has one year as a head coach on his resume and he did not make the playoffs. Yes, he improved the Chargers to a winning team and was right on the cusp of making the playoffs (arguably being the best team to miss the playoffs) with one of the hardest schedules in the league.

We just cannot do too many what-ifs for Staley after his first season. He is primed to climb quickly up this list if he has a great second season. But after year one, you can't really rank him any higher than this.

16. Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona Cardinals

To be clear, I would much rather have Brandon Staley as the head coach of the LA Chargers than Kliff Kingsbury. I don't think the Cardinals will ever be able to make a Super Bowl run with Kingsbury as the head coach but at the end of the day, he has a .500 record as a head coach and a playoff berth. Staley could climb high up this list next season, Kingsbury could fall towards the bottom.