Chargers big board: Ranking the best prospects for the Bolts at 17

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Kenyon Green
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2. Kenyon Green, IOL, Texas A&M

Some rank Zion Johnson ahead of Kenyon Green and would rather see the team take Johnson instead of Green. Personally, I slightly favor Green. Coming into the league, Johnson will likely end up being the more polished player and have an easier time with the leap into the NFL.

That being said, Green's ceiling is higher than Johnson's and he also has versatility that is going to be important to the Chargers. While he projects to move inside to guard in the NFL, he started at both guard spots and tackle spots in college and more than held his own.

Obviously, an NFL right tackle has to do a lot more than a college right tackle but this gives the Chargers another option outside. Let both Feiler and Green get snaps at right tackle in training camp with getting the tackle spot and one getting the left guard spot. Analysts love to talk about height and arm length for tackle and while Green is shorter than Feiler, he does have longer arms.

Feiler would more than likely get the tackle spot over Green in 2022, especially if the Bolts want to put him somewhere where he is comfortable. But having that versatility to either fill in or for the future is very valuable.

1. Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington

This is a Chargers big board after all and if there is one thing we know about Brandon Staley it is that he values defensive backs who are versatile. With Staley having just as big of a hand in the draft process as Telesco, McDuffie has all the makings of being the top-rated target for the Chargers at 17.

A fantastic cover corner, McDuffie has legitimate CB1 potential in the future and would instantly come in and be a great CB2 to play alongside J.C. Jackson. Michael Davis would get relegated to CB4, especially considering the team might not be high on him anymore. Asante Samuel would slide into the slot.

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McDuffie also has the ability to play in the slot, though, so there are certain defensive looks where the Chargers can either kick Samuel to the outside or put Davis on the outside with McDuffie in the slot.