Chargers big board: Ranking the best prospects for the Bolts at 17

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Jordan Davis
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8. Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia

Jordan Davis is one of the most intriguing prospects in recent years and is someone who I personally have gone back and forth on during the draft process. There is no denying that Davis is going to be exceptional in his role in the NFL, there is just concern that his role could be limited to resetting the line of scrimmage on run downs and that is it.

He will be one of the best in the game at that but the run game is far less important in 2022. Plus, the Chargers have already made two key additions to the interior defensive line and from a scheme fit, it would probably be better to find someone who could play DE in the Bolts' 3-4 defense.

7. Devonte Wyatt, DT, Georgia

If the Chargers were going to take a defensive tackle in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft then I personally would rather it be Davis's teammate, Devonte Wyatt. Davis is the one who is getting all of the attention during the draft process but Wyatt would fit better in LA.

First of all, Wyatt is not the traditional nose tackle that Davis is and would fit in much easier next to Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson in the interior. Secondly, Wyatt has far more value in passing downs than Davis does.

Wyatt has legitimate pass-rush value which is important as there still is not much of that inside on the Chargers' defensive line. Wyatt is no slouch against the run, either, and could play all three downs for the Chargers and even fill in at some nose tackle in passing downs when Joseph-Day needs a rest.