Chargers big board: Ranking the best prospects for the Bolts at 17

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The 2022 NFL Draft is right around the corner and there is a lot more unknowns in this year's installment of the draft than in previous years. That extends to the LA Chargers as well, who could go a multitude of directions in the draft itself.

There is an argument to be had about plenty of different prospects for the Chargers to take at 17, making this draft more appealing than previous years. In large part, the Bolts' decision at 17 is going to be reliant on what happens in the 16 picks before the Chargers are on the board.

However, LA is still going to have to make a decision between prospects. Based on how Tom Telesco has drafted in the past, the Bolts are more likely to draft based on talent available, not necessarily fit. For that reason, we could get an idea of who the Chargers draft based on how they rank prospects.

Here is our crack at what the Chargers big board could look like for the 2022 NFL Draft.

We ranked seven prospects who we think have a good chance of being available to the Chargers at 17 in the 2022 NFL Draft. However, there are four prospects who would be easy selections if they fell to the Chargers (and it is possible).

If one of Charles Cross, Derek Stingley Jr, Kyle Hamilton or Garrett Wilson falls to the Chargers at 17 (those four are ranked in that order) then the team should not think twice and pick them. Any of those four prospects negate the following rankings but unlike the other seven prospects, it is more likely than not that those four will be taken before 17.

Let's dive into the rankings, shall we?