4 Chargers who could significantly benefit from Jim Harbaugh's hiring

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Double Bonus: Brock Bowers or Rome Odunze

I'll give you two bonus players who I think could seriously benefit from Harbaugh coming to LA. They're two players that the Bolts should be looking to draft at #5 in the coming months, and they're two players I immediately thought of when the Harbaugh signing became official. They're Brock Bowers of University of Georgia and Rome Odunze of University of Washington.

Bowers is believed by many to be the best tight end prospect in decades while Odunze is a top-tier receiver who had a massive 2023 season at Washington. Both fit Harbaugh's style of toughness, and they're also guys who Harbaugh was surely keeping close tabs on this season, assuming he would face them at some point in the College Football Playoff. He did wind up facing Odunze in the championship game.

Bowers has the capability to soon be the number one tight end in all of football with his after-the-catch ability, while Odunze, though not the fastest guy in this upcoming class, blew away his competition this year with his ability to grab contested catches.

Both of these guys fit the mold of what Harbaugh is kind of looking for, and also what the Chargers have long valued over things like breakneck speed and flashy moves. The Chargers like big receivers who can win 50-50 balls and impose their size on defenders. At least they have to this point.

Bowers could be viewed by the Chargers as a counter to Travis Kelce with the Chiefs while Odunze could be viewed as a replacement for Mike Williams if they decide to move on from him.

There are clearly many other options out there that Charger fans would tend to favor, but the games of Bowers and Odunze stood out to me the most when thinking about skill players who would fit well with our new head coach.

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