4 Chargers who could significantly benefit from Jim Harbaugh's hiring

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
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3. Joey Bosa

Joey needs a change of scenery. Thankfully, there's been a massive change of scenery in the Harbaugh hire so perhaps that'll be good enough to revamp Joey's game instead of trading him away.

Scheme-wise, there's really only so much you can change to complement a pass rusher. If you can rush the passer, you can rush the passer. It's pretty simple like that.

But then again, bringing in a defensive coordinator like Jesse Minter is going to bring more elaborate blitz packages than the Bolts have had in years past, so that's a concept that could most definitely help a guy like Joey Bosa out if they can get him into better matchups up front.

I think it's pretty clear that Joey and the previous regime did not click. If anybody's going to reignite the fire in Joey Bosa that we all know is still there, it's going to be a coach like Jim Harbaugh.