3 Chargers who may get permanently benched with another bad week vs Vikings

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers are heading into a crossroads in Week 3. The 0-2 Bolts are on the road to take on the 0-2 Minnesota Vikings in what might be the first loser-leaves-town match of the season. Whichever wins this game will hope to spin it into some momentum to get back on track. Meanwhile, the losing team will be in a horrible hole and could make a drastic change.

In the Chargers' case, head coach Brandon Staley has rightfully been taking a lot of the blame for how the season has started. While there is no reason to defend Staley, it is true that there are players on his roster who have underperformed thus far.

With Staley's job on the line this season, the third-year head coach is not going to have as much patience, especially after a 0-2 start. There are several Chargers on the roster who need a big game on Sunday or else they are at risk of being benched permanently.

3 Chargers who may get permanently benched with a bad week against the Vikings:

1. Michael Davis

A lot of the heat from the fanbase has been on J.C. Jackson, who also has been really bad so far for the Chargers. Jackson signed a massive contract in 2022 and has not lived up to that contract yet, so it makes sense why the fanbase is growing frustrated with his output.

Michael Davis has been just as bad as Jackson and does not have the same advantage that Jackson has when it comes to how much he makes. If two players are struggling the coaching staff is going to let the more expensive option (with the higher ceiling) figure it out before the other option.

Despite playing really well down the stretch last season, Davis' tenure under Staley has been up-and-down. Davis isn't a perfect fit in Staley's scheme and that has led to him sliding down the depth chart multiple times in the past.

According to Pro Football Focus, Davis has allowed 10 receptions (team-high) on 13 targets for 144 yards and three touchdowns. If that trend continues in Week 3, expect Davis' snap count to shrink into Week 4 and beyond.