4 Chargers we already know will be gone after the 2023 season

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2. Mike Williams

This is an unfortunate reality as Mike Williams will not be suiting up much for the Chargers in his last season with the team. Williams tore his ACL in Week 3 against the Minnesota Vikings and it likely marks the end of his tenure with the Chargers.

Williams is under contract for the 2024 season and anything could happen but the writing has been on the wall for the Chargers to cut ties with Williams. The contract restructures the team made last offseason hinted at it and drafting Quentin Johnston in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft cemented it.

Williams is set to have a $32.4 million cap hit for the 2024 season. Not only is that a large cap hit for someone coming off an ACL injury, but it would be one of the largest cap hits in the entire league. However, by releasing Williams, the Chargers could free up $20 million in cap space.

The Chargers are currently projected to be $28 million over the cap, which is the second biggest deficit in the league, per Over The Cap. The team is going to have to make some tough cuts in order to bring that number down and Williams is the No. 1 candidate.

Keenan Allen also has an interesting future, as he has a $34.7 million cap hit and will be 32 years old. But with how well Allen is playing this season, he likely saved himself.