Chargers: Each AFC West foe's most overrated player

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Denver Broncos: Randy Gregory

Another new pass-rusher in the AFC West, Randy Gregory was touted as a big signing for the Denver Broncos when in reality he too is nothing to be that worried about. The Gregory signing is meant to give Bradley Chubb help in the pass rush when Chubb himself really hasn't been that amazing since his rookie year but that is a conversation for another day.

Gregory's surface-level numbers from last season with the Dallas Cowboys are decent but when you dive deeper not only into his 2021 season but into his career as a whole it is clear that the Broncos probably overpaid for Gregory.

Would Denver have been better off spending much less on someone like Uchenna Nwosu? Definitely, especially with Nwosu being younger. However, Nwosu does not have the big name that Gregory has so they instead shelled out a $70 million contract to a mediocre pass rusher.

According to PFF, Gregory had 43 pressures in 12 games last season, which is definitely solid but is not game-breaking numbers. However, like Jones, Gregory's numbers were inflated. Instead of one insane game, Gregory had two great games. Those games definitely matter but outside of them, he was not as impactful.

In his 12 games outside of his two best games, Gregory recorded just 27 pressures and five sacks. Again, those are not game-breaking numbers and they definitely are not numbers that are worth $70 million.

The rest of Gregory's career has been disappointing as well and he is going to turn 30 during the 2022 season. Like the Raiders, the Broncos will probably end up regretting this signing.