Chargers: Each AFC West foe's most overrated player

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The LA Chargers are not the only team in the AFC West that made a lot of moves this offseason. The AFC West is gearing up to be the most competitive team in football in which three playoff teams seem like the floor.

While each team is undoubtedly talented, as we learn every year, we tend to overrate key players on certain teams in the offseason. It's inevitable that there will be someone who ends up overrated on the LA Chargers.

But what about the rest of the AFC West? Which players can we circle as the most overrated in the division?

The most overrated players the Chargers will face in the AFC West:

Las Vegas Raiders: Chandler Jones

I just don't see the hype about Chandler Jones, y'all. Jones has undoubtedly had a fantastic career and is one of the best pass-rushers of his generation. However, he is now horrible at stopping the run and is definitely past his prime. Jones is 32 and the Raiders are going to be paying him big money when he is 34 years old.

Jones had a monster Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans, who were dealing with COVID-19 issues, last season. However, after that, Jones' pressure numbers really were not all that impressive. In 14 games after his Week 1 outburst Chandler recorded 40 pressures with six sacks according to PFF. He generated five or more pressures just once after Week 1.

To compare that to a truly elite pass-rusher, Joey Bosa recorded five or more pressures seven times in 2021.

Jones is just not the same player that he used to be and he is not going to get any better with age. With his run defense being a real hole for the Raiders' defense, the Chargers (and other teams) can target him on early downs and don't really have to worry all that much about him; especially with Rashawn Slater blocking him.