Chargers: Each AFC West foe's most overrated player in 2023

Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo
Las Vegas Raiders Introduce Jimmy Garoppolo / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Most of the roster movement in the 2023 offseason is complete and fans have an idea of not only what the LA Chargers roster will look like, but the rosters for each AFC West foe.

There is not as much hype around the AFC West this year as there was last year. The division has not made the same massive moves and it also was wildly disappointing a year ago. The Chargers were the only team to join the Chiefs in the NFL Playoffs and they blew a 27-0 lead.

Last year there was a lot of overrating going on and that proved to be true in the regular season. Although there is less hype, that is happening once again this year.

Each AFC West foe's most overrated player the Chargers can exploit:

Las Vegas Raiders: Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo has his place in the NFL and that is fine. He is a mediocre, serviceable game-managing quarterback. He is not a bad quarterback but he certainly is not a good one. He is middle of the road and quite frankly, is a worse version of Derek Carr. Carr is on the upper level of the serviceable tier, Jimmy G is on the lower level.

That has not stopped Las Vegas Raiders fans from pretending like they got some kind of upgrade at quarterback. The Raiders took a step backward but Raiders fans are pointing at Jimmy G's playoff success as a reason why he is better than Carr.

Let's not forget that Kyle Shanahan took Mr. Irrelevant to the NFC Championship Game last year, proving that he was more responsible for any of Jimmy G's playoff success than Jimmy G was.

It is clear that the Raiders probably had bigger plans in mind (maybe Tom Brady?) but were unable to pull anything of note off so they instead went with a stopgap option in Jimmy G. It will look bad in retrospect at the end of 2023 but the Chargers will certainly enjoy it.