3 divisions the LA Chargers would absolutely dominate if they were in

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The LA Chargers would dominate the NFC North

Move over, Aaron Rodgers. Justin Herbert is here to take your place in the group of elite quarterbacks. Despite winning back-to-back MVPs, Rodgers is likely going to regress in the 2022 season. Not only is he a year older after falling short in the playoffs once again but Rodgers' weapons in Green Bay are a legitimate issue.

This has to be the worst receiving corps that Rodgers has ever played with and the talent of the roster as a whole is lacking. If Rodgers was not the quarterback of the Packers then they would probably be a three or four-win team, that is how bad it is getting in Green Bay.

But because one of the greatest to ever do it is still under center they will probably win 10 games and win an otherwise unimpressive division. People can talk all they want about the Vikings potentially winning 16 games, the rest of the NFC North is weak.

Minnesota is the next best team and they are a team that did beat the Chargers last season. That being said, Kirk Cousins is limited in the same way that Dak Prescott is and I am still not sold in the slightest in Minnesota's defense. Minnesota will probably be a playoff team in the super-thin NFC but they are much worse than the AFC crop of playoff teams.

Chicago and Detroit are both dumpster fires as well. Detroit is actually building towards something promising, so they deserve credit there. But they are still a year away from competing for a .500 record, especially with Jared Goff under center.

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The Bears, on the other hand, have the promising young quarterback but have done everything in their power to make his life as hard as humanely possible. I am a huge Justin Fields believer but it is hard to see the Bears not having a top-five pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.