3 divisions the LA Chargers would absolutely dominate if they were in

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The LA Chargers would dominate the AFC South

The AFC South is the AFC's version of the NFC East. Despite having the top-seeded team in last year's playoffs, the AFC South is undeniably the worst division in the conference and is going to struggle to keep up with what is an otherwise loaded Super Bowl picture on the AFC side of things.

Of course, one of the AFC South teams has to make the playoffs and there is always the chance of a team getting hot and beating teams that they should not have beaten. That is exactly what the Cincinnati Bengals did in the playoffs last year. However, it would be shocking if any of these teams made it out of the Divisional Round.

The Tennessee Titans are bound for regression with Derrick Henry breaking the running back injury seal and Ryan Tannehill proving that he is probably more like that guy we saw in Miami. He lost one of the best receivers in the league in A.J. Brown and the offensive line got worse.

The Indianapolis Colts don't have much receiver talent and they switched Carson Wentz for Matt Ryan. Ryan might be a former MVP winner but are we really sure that he is any better than Carson Wentz at this point in his career? Jonathan Taylor will carry this team and as we know, running backs can only take a team so far.

The Jacksonville Jaguars can't get any worse than they were last season, especially with Urban Meyer out of the building but they still aren't very good. And while I am a believer in Davis Mills and think he is better than Mac Jones, the Houston Texans are not much of a threat.

Luckily, the Chargers play the AFC South this season and can prove that they would have dominated the division if they were in the AFC South. Making matters even sweeter for the Chargers is that they play both Henry and Taylor late in the season when their mileage will be picking up and when the run defense in LA will have more reps together.