Chargers 7-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft after trading Keenan Allen

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Chargers draft TE Tip Reiman with 181st pick

The Chargers have signed two tight ends in Will Dissly and Hayden Hurst, so drafting a tight end might not be a big priority. There are a lot of risks with Hurst and Dissly as Hurst is injury-prone and Dissly is only a blocking tight end but this is the bed the Chargers are making for themselves.

Los Angeles should still add a rookie tight end to round out the room and give the team someone to develop. Tip Reiman is exactly the kind of tight end the Chargers should be taking a chance on as his run-blocking will make him an effective player in some capacity in his rookie year.

Reiman showed some potential in developing a route tree and being a reliable pass-catching target at the tight-end position as well. He will never be a true TE1 that finishes with 800 yards, but there is real potential there.

Chargers draft LB Curtis Jacobs with 225th pick

The Chargers also double-dip at linebacker so that they can bolster the room and add more special teams players as well. Jacobs' athleticism and hard-hitting nature would fit perfectly on a Harbaugh-led team and would give the Chargers some upside to work with as he develops.

Seventh-round picks are always like throwing a blindfolded dart and there is no guarantee that he will develop into a consistent difference-maker. But with the right coaching, Jacobs can be a serviceable NFL linebacker thanks to his athleticism.

Chargers draft OT Delmar Glaze with 253rd pick

The Chargers should be adding a tackle in some capacity in the 2024 NFL Draft and here it comes with the team's last pick in the draft. Delmar Glaze would give the team a young, cheap swing tackle option to develop and (hopefully) not play in his rookie season.

Nobody expects to find the next Rashawn Slater in the seventh round but Glaze at least has experience playing on both sides of the offensive line, which is valuable as a swing tackle candidate.