Chargers 7-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft after trading Keenan Allen

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The offseason was almost going too perfectly for the LA Chargers. After several savvy moves to bulk up the roster and create cap space, the Chargers delivered the dagger: Keenan Allen was traded to the Chicago Bears for a fourth-round pick.

This trade has massive implications on the roster and the moves that the Chargers will make before the 2024 season. As it stands right now, the Chargers have arguably the worst wide receiver group in the entire league. What a way to take care of the franchise quarterback.

This trade is going to have a massive impact on the 2024 NFL Draft, not just because of the added selection but the additional roster need. Using Pro Football Focus' mock draft simulator, let's dive into what a 2024 NFL mock now looks like for the Bolts post-Allen.

Chargers draft WR Malik Nabers with fifth pick

There is no other option. The Chargers absolutely have to go with a wide receiver and have to end up with Malik Nabers or Marvin Harrison Jr. (if he surprisingly falls). Drafting tackle Joe Alt or trading back in the draft is no longer an option. If the Chargers do go that route, it will be a disaster.

There was a good chance that the Chargers were going to draft Nabers before Allen was traded. Now, with Allen off the team, there is no other way this team can go as it desperately needs a true WR1 that Justin Herbert can build a rapport with.

The Chargers are not going to get that later in the 2024 NFL Draft and they are not going to get it in free agency. Even if the team somehow reunites with Mike Williams it will not be enough. The Chargers absolutely have to land one of the top two wide receivers in the draft class, with the more likely option being Nabers.

You can write this selection in with sharpie (assuming Marvin Harrison Jr. does not fall to five).