4 Chargers on 53-man roster who may not last the entire season in LA

These Chargers made the cut to start the year but that is not guaranteed to last.

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Christopher Hinton

When it is at full strength, the Chargers defensive line legitimately has the potential to be one of the very best in the entire spot. The pair of edge rushers in LA is elite and there is a lot of quality starting on the interior defensive line.

That being said, there are some question marks with the depth on the interior defensive line. While there is certainly potential there that could be tapped into, there is also a world in which the Bolts have similar struggles to previous seasons.

Scott Matlock is a rookie with no NFL experience, Nick Williams is a veteran rotation player who isn't going to change much and Christopher Hinton is a guy who hasn't proven much thus far in his career (and didn't look great in the preseason).

Hinton is going to have to really prove himself in the chances that he gets early in the season because he is going to be the first one to get the boot if the Chargers make any additions. There is also the looming return of Otito Ogbonnia, who will start the season on the PUP list.

The moment that Ogbonnia is ready to return he is going to come back to the roster and take Hinton's spot unless Hinton proves that isn't disposable.