4 Chargers on 53-man roster who may not last the entire season in LA

These Chargers made the cut to start the year but that is not guaranteed to last.
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Brenden Jaimes

Brenden Jaimes is someone who was flagged as a potential cut candidate before the Chargers even kicked off training camp in 2023. Jaimes was not coming around like the team had hoped when he was selected in the 2021 NFL Draft and he was the third center on the depth chart behind Corey Linsley and Will Clapp.

Jaimes has not shown the ability to play consistent snaps at either guard position, which really puts his role with the team in a bind. Sure, he has looked fine at the center position, but when he is the third center on the depth chart there won't be many chances for him.

There is a world in which the Chargers call on Clapp to be more versatile in the interior offensive line and gives Jaimes a chance at center in the case that Linsley misses time. But even then, the Chargers would be better off just playing Clapp at center and if guard help is needed, playing Jordan McFadden.

It is hard to find a path for Jaimes to actually get quality playing time for the Bolts. For that reason, he becomes the most disposable offensive lineman on the roster the second that the team needs help at the tackle position.

Brandon Staley has shown no hesitation in cutting loose former draft picks in the past and that alone is not going to be able to save Jaimes.