3 Chargers from the 2022 roster who still remain unsigned

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The LA Chargers put together a solid offseason in free agency. The team was able to bring back the most important free agents and even those who left for an AFC West rival were replaced by former All-Pros. While it was not the headline-grabbing offseason of 2021, it was still solid nonetheless.

Most of the free agents that the Chargers opted not to bring back ended up quickly finding new homes for the 2023 season. Even Storm Norton was able to sign a one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints to continue his NFL career.

But that is not true for all Chargers free agents. There are still some notable veterans on the market who are just waiting for that phone call to compete for a roster spot in training camp.

3 Chargers from 2022 who still remain unsigned:

1. Kyle Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy was signed last offseason to be a depth option at inside linebacker and on the edge. Early on in the season, Van Noy played a good amount of inside backer as that seemed to be where most of his value was at this point in his career.

However, the Joey Bosa injury forced Van Noy to play more on the edge than the team likely expected and it was not great early on. However, Van Noy rallied to record a sack in each of the Chargers' last five games. That alone seemingly earned him a new contract somewhere in 2023.

That has not been the case thus far as Van Noy remains unsigned as we head into June. While he is on the wrong side of 30, Van Noy is still only 32 and shouldn't be near the end of his NFL career quite yet. Even if he is not an option for a high snap count, he is a veteran leader that could be a positive presence in the locker room.

Bringing Van Noy made sense at one point in time for the Chargers but with the roster where it is at now, it seems more likely that he will have to change teams again if he wants to stay in the NFL.