CBS trolls Chargers fans with revolting Quentin Johnston graphic

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The Chargers managed to surprise the entire fanbase in the 2023 NFL Draft when the team took TCU's Quentin Johnston with the 21st overall pick. It wasn't surprising that the Chargers took a wide receiver but both Zay Flowers and Jordan Addison seemed more likely to be taken by the Bolts.

Still, fans rallied around Johnston and expected him to do big things in his rookie season, especially after a solid training camp. Unfortunately, fans have been extremely disappointed by Johnston, who has not done much of anything in his rookie season except drop a game-winning pass against the Green Bay Packers.

Chargers fans already know how bad it has been for Johnston yet it remains painful every single time he is compared to his peers. CBS seemingly leaned into this pain with a disgusting Johnston graphic that really made it obvious just how bad it has been.

Chargers fans feel attacked by CBS after this Quentin Johnston graphic

The knife has been firmly stabbed into Chargers fans' hearts and CBS made sure to twist it even further with this comparison. Somehow, some way, CBS managed to make Johnston look even worse than he has already looked this season.

It is quite shocking just how many talented receivers have come into the league this season and how they are all producing at a higher level than Johnston. It would be one thing if the draft class was terrible and Johnston was one of several bad receivers. That obviously is not even the case.

The sad part is that it isn't even close. The closest receiver to Johnston's 190 yards on this list is Michael Wilson, who was taken in the third round and is the WR3 on one of the worst teams in the entire league. Even he has more than double the receiving yards that Johnston has thus far.

It isn't like Johnston hasn't had opportunities, either. It would be one thing if the Chargers remained healthy and he was still the WR4 on the depth chart. But because of injuries, Johnston has had plenty of chances. The Chargers have played eight games without Mike Williams in which Johnston was the WR3. Johnston has even played three games without Joshua Palmer too, making him the WR2.

Hopefully, we will all look back at the 2023 season as just a bad rookie year for Johnston. Williams had a pretty awful rookie season for the Bolts and turned into one of the best receivers in the league. But if that doesn't happen, Johnston will be remembered as one of the biggest misses in recent draft history.

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