5 candidates to replace Brandon Staley as Chargers head coach

Brandon Staley may not be the head coach of the LA Chargers for much longer.
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3. Frank Smith, Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator

While Frank Smith is the Miami Dolphins' offensive coordinator under McDaniel, he does not come from the Shanahan coaching tree. McDaniel hired Smith away from the Chargers when he became the head coach of the Dolphins, making him the offensive coordinator.

Smith's connection to the Chargers after previously being on the staff could give him a leg up in the coaching search, especially if Chargers' ownership does not want to go after the big-name options that will have more competition.

Additionally, the Chargers could get some of that McDaniel offense that rubs off on Smith and hopefully translates in LA. That could add a new wrinkle to this Chargers offense, especially if Moore is still around.

What makes Smith an intriguing option is that he does not need to be the offensive play-caller like other offensive minds that are available. While Smith is an offensive-minded coach, the Chargers could hire him to be more of the CEO-type of head coach, giving Moore a chance to grow this offense in year two.

Suddenly, the Chargers could have a blend of what Moore is doing offensively with some Shanahan tendencies sprinkled in. The team would be getting a coach who is very respected throughout the league and would just need to find a home-run defensive coordinator to round out the staff.

Jeff Howe of The Athletic had an excellent write-up on Smith that highlighted his leadership abilities and why he is a great candidate to be an NFL head coach. If the reviews are already glowing (and they were when he was in LA, too) then he has to be considered.