5 candidates to replace Brandon Staley as Chargers head coach

Brandon Staley may not be the head coach of the LA Chargers for much longer.
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4. Bobby Slowik, Houston Texans offensive coordinator

The hottest coaching tree in the NFL right now is the Kyle Shanahan coaching tree. Seemingly everyone who has come from that coaching tree has been successful in the NFL with guys like Mike McDaniel completely turning NFL defenses on their heads.

The Chargers hired a defensive-minded head coach in Staley and the experiment failed, so fans would likely see the team pursue an offensive-minded head coach. There are some drawbacks in this, as it would probably lead to the end of Moore in LA and would cause yet another offensive change for Justin Herbert, but the end result could be beneficial.

The next coach from the Shanahan coaching tree who is due for a head coaching job is Houston Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik. Slowik followed Demeco Ryans to the Texans this past offseason and the results have been great. That coaching staff has completely turned Houston around and Slowik has CJ Stoud looking like a top-12 quarterback in the NFL in his rookie season.

Slowik was someone who fans thought could be the offensive coordinator when the team fired Joe Lombardi this past offseason. While that did not pan out, Slowik putting together a solid season with the Texans will elevate his stock and put him in the conversation.

The Chargers may not want another inexperienced coach because it did not work with Staley, who is working against Slowik. But if the Chargers want to cash in on the Shanahan tree, he is the guy.