3 burning questions the Chargers answered vs Jets (and 2 they didn't)

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets
Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Are the Chargers good enough to beat a winning football team? Yes.

Heading into Week 9 the Chargers did not have a single win against a team that was above .500. To many, the Chargers represented either the "good bad" team or the "bad good" team. To simplify, the Chargers were the measuring stick for other teams to see if they were actually good football teams.

If you lose to the Chargers then you probably are not a good football team. If you beat the Chargers then you are probably a playoff contender. While it was not a fail-proof method (looking at you, Tennessee), the trend was relatively noticeable through the first seven games.

That changed in Week 9. New York might not be a great football team but the Jets have been able to not only beat really good teams in the league but play other great teams close. That was not the case in this game as the Chargers comfortably took care of the Jets with much ease.

It wasn't just the Jets, though. The Minnesota Vikings continued their red-hot play despite being down to the team's third quarterback. Minnesota is now above .500 and is firmly in the driver's seat to earn a playoff berth in the NFC.

The Jets are a tough team to beat and the Vikings are a better football team than we all thought a month ago. The Chargers certainly can beat a good football team, and that bodes well for the rest of the regular season.