3 burning questions the Chargers answered vs Jets (and 2 they didn't)

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets
Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Is this Chargers pass rush actually one of the best in the league? Yes.

All of the talk on the defensive side of the ball heading into this game was around the New York Jets, and rightfully so. New York has rolled out one of the best defenses in the sport that has made elite quarterbacks look like backup quarterbacks.

Little to no attention was paid to this elite Chargers pass rush. This Chargers pass rush was fully healthy for only a few weeks and the results were fantastic. However, it did not arrive on the national scene in front of the entire NFL world until Monday night.

And it arrived in style. The Chargers sacked Zach Wilson eight times, coming away with two strip sacks that directly led to the Chargers' only two offensive touchdowns of the game. Granted, it was against Zach Wilson and a really bad Jets offensive line but it was still great to see this pass rush go to town.

The foursome of Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, Tuli Tuipulotu and Morgan Fox is one of the best foursomes in the entire league. Bosa and Mack might be the only household names but it does not change the fact that this pass rush is special.

Thus, the Chargers have the two things in a team that can lead to a lot of long-term success: an elite quarterback and the ability to get pressure on the other quarterback with only four rushers.