Breaking down the Chargers biggest roster weaknesses heading into 2024

Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout / Harry How/GettyImages
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Inside linebacker is a weakness that could surprise Chargers fans

This is a toss-up.

Fans are very high on third-round pick Junior Colson, who is believed to be a steal in the third round.
Colson is a sideline-to-sideline linebacker that will cover the entirety of the field. He's a player who isn't hesitant to step up and take on a blocker while keeping his head on the ball carrier.

The main question is if Colson can replicate his play for Michigan at the NFL level, particularly as a rookie. That is a question that is impossible to answer without seeing it live during the season.

Then comes one of my favorite underrated pick-ups of the offseason. Denzel Perryman came home, re-signing with the team that drafted him to help bolster the linebacker position in LA.

Fans are no strangers to Perryman. He fits the Harbaugh scheme perfectly in terms of how he plays within the confines of the defense. While he clearly struggles against the pass, Perryman is the perfect guy that Harbaugh will use to shape the defense because of his hard-hitting nature.

So why this a weakness? Because neither player was a full-time starter on an NFL roster last season.

Perryman had his best years with the Raiders after leaving the Chargers, even making the Pro Bowl, but was not able to earn a new contract with the Texans last year after a one-year stint.

Colson is clearly promising, but he's still a third-round pick and a rookie who will take time to develop with the talent of the NFL.

Time will tell.