Breaking down the Chargers biggest roster weaknesses heading into 2024

Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Chargers OTA Offseason Workout / Harry How/GettyImages
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Running back is a concerning position for the Chargers

It's a bit concerning that a Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman offense, that will certainly include a lot of running, has Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins as the main feature backs.

It's not to say that I don't like these two.

Edwards is a player coming off of a 13-touchdown season and Dobbins clearly has a lot of talent, but just never could seem to stay healthy. Edwards will be the reliable running back who when you give him the ball, does his best to gain yards.

Dobbins is the true wild card. He's clearly more talented than his stats show, and that's just because he just never stayed on the field. But when he did, he ran a bit like Le'Veon Bell, showing patience and finding running lanes.

The Chargers then drafted Kimani Vidal in the sixth round of the NFL Draft, who looks promising. He's a no-nonsense, downfield runner that is one of those players who will always find a spot on a 53-man roster year in and out.

However, it is risky to potentially rely on a sixth-round pick who is used to playing against universities such as SF Austin or WKU.