Brandon Staley's Kellen Moore comparison gets Chargers fans amped for training camp

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Chargers are heading into 2023 training camp with most of the same roster from a year ago. The 2023 offseason did not see as many huge moves as the previous year but the Bolts are still in a great position to make a deep run at the Super Bowl.

The biggest addition that the team made wasn't with a player but instead was in the coaching staff. After parting ways with Joe Lombardi, the Chargers lucked out and were able to hire Kellen Moore. That was as big of an improvement as the Bolts could have made.

Chargers fans are already incredibly excited to see what Moore can do with Justin Herbert and the offense. Training camp will give fans the first peak of what's to come. Before that even starts, though, head coach Brandon Staley is raising the excitement even higher. In an interview with Daniel Popper of The Athletic, Staley compared Moore to a prominent head coach that he previously coached with.

Staley also explained how he is planning on giving Moore a full runway to construct an offense that is fully his without being shackled. Moore previously coached under Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy, both of whom had a big say on the offense that the Dallas Cowboys ran.

Chargers fans couldn't be more excited for the offense in 2023

If all goes well and the Bolts are able to stay healthy in 2023 then Chargers fans could be looking at the best offense in the entire sport. The team certainly has the weapons to be that with an elite quarterback, a great offensive line and solid pass-catchers.

The weakest link a year ago, outside of the injuries, was the offensive play-calling and philosophy. And even then, Lombardi was able to make the Chargers a top-five offensive team the year prior. Just imagine a healthy unit with an even better offensive game plan.

Of course, everything always looks great on paper and Moore has to go out and prove his worth for the Bolts once the games start to matter. But training camp will still serve as a decent appetizer of sorts to determine whether or not fans are getting too excited or if the hype is justified.

Our money is on the latter.