3 "Brandon Staley guys" who have no future on the Chargers (and 1 who does)

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Morgan Fox has a future on the Chargers

Khalil Mack fans might be screaming at their screens right now reading that Mack has no future with the Chargers but Morgan Fox does. This all boils down to the money. Mack has been more impactful this season but he is going to cost eight times as much as Fox is going to cost next season.

There is a big difference between $38.5 million and $4.75 million. Cutting Fox doesn't change the books as much as cutting Mack does as the Bolts would only be freeing up $3.5 million in salary-cap space by doing so.

Plus, the Chargers signed Fox on a really team-friendly deal and it is going to be really hard to find someone with his pass-rushing presence for that cost. Sure, there are some young guys in the room, but there is no one with the same pass-rush presence on the interior as Fox.

Fox has logged 5.5 sacks this season despite playing a very small number of snaps. In fact, Fox's 12 quarterback pressures (via Pro-Football-Reference) are tied for the seventh-most among players with fewer than 360 defensive snaps this season. The most belongs to Joey Bosa with 15. And keep in mind, this is coming from the inside, where pressures are much harder to generate.

Fox may have been a Staley guy as he came over after playing for the Rams but that does not matter. He is on too good of a contract for the Chargers to get rid of him.

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