3 "Brandon Staley guys" who have no future on the Chargers (and 1 who does)

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Khalil Mack has no future on the Chargers

Here is the hot take that a lot of Chargers fans probably do not agree with. Khalil Mack was viewed as a guaranteed cap casualty before the 2023 season began but then he went out and set a career-high in sacks. Mack is among the league leaders in sacks and his place on the Chargers in 2024 seems guaranteed.

If Staley and Telesco would have stuck around then there is a good chance that Mack's performance this season would keep him in LA. However, with a fresh outlook in the front office and at head coach, it is far more likely that he will be let go.

The new GM and coach are not going to be as emotionally invested as they did not witness Mack's 2023 firsthand. Instead, the new GM is going to be much more practical about the situation. The new GM will see the fact that Mack has a $38.5 million cap hit and is going to be 33 years old next season.

With the Chargers over the cap, cutting Mack and freeing up $23.25 million is still the most likely outcome. As good as Mack has been this season, it is a bit absurd to pay him $38.5 million next season especially when the team still has Joey Bosa and Tuli Tuipulotu.

If it was not for Mack's one insane game against the Raiders (who had a rookie QB with no real pocket presence making his first career start) then the decision would be a lot easier. However, those six sacks in one game really weigh up the average.

Mack has been really good this season, that is without question. But there is a really good chance he regresses in his age 33 season and is not worth $10 million, let alone $38.5 million. Maybe with his strong season, the Chargers will be able to trade him for draft capital.