Brandon Staley's Chargers defense is turning in a fireable showing against Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The LA Chargers went into Arrowhead Stadium in Week 7 desperately needing a win against the Kansas City Chiefs. Beating the Chiefs is never an easy task but with the stakes being so high for the Chargers, fans were expecting a competitive showing.

Thus far in the game the problems for the Chargers have been the exact same as the rest of the season. "Defensive guru" Brandon Staley has not been able to get his defense on track and is allowing a borderline historic game for the Chiefs offense.

Kansas City scored 24 points and picked up 333 yards of offense in the first half alone. The Chiefs are averaging 11.5 yards per play and have completed 50% of their third-down opportunities. Remember: Brandon Staley called his defense "one of the best" third-down defenses in the NFL last week.

Chargers fans are calling for change after watching this defense vs the Chiefs

Brandon Staley has not been a fan favorite in Los Angeles with many fans wanting him gone after the team blew a 27-0 lead in the AFC Wild Card Round. Staley saved his job after an 0-2 start with two close wins against not-so-great football teams in Week 3 and 4.

The defense didn't play bad in Week 6, to be fair, but Week 7's defensive showing is what fans have seen far too often since Staley took over. It would be one thing if Staley was an offensive-minded coach that was responsbile for a Justin Herbert resurgence. That is not the case at all.

Staley is a defensive-minded head coach who has piloted one of the worst defenses in the entire sport. Kansas City is well on its way to a 500-yard day and it would be the second time in six games that Staley's defense allowed 500 yards.

The rest of the league has only allowed two 500-yard games. If the Chiefs finish with 500 yards then the Chargers defense will have allowed three of the five-highest games this season in terms of yards. That is how bad it has been.

Fans are getting fed up and at this point, they don't even seem to care about making a run at the NFL Playoffs. Change is needed as the same problems keep coming back to bite.