Chargers would be foolish to follow Bleacher Report's trade advice

Nov 27, 2022; Glendale, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) celebrates
Nov 27, 2022; Glendale, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) celebrates / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Orlovsky got the LA Chargers dragged on social media for proclaiming that the Chargers' ceiling is as high as any team in the NFL when healthy. Orlovsky even expressed confidence that the Bolts will give Patrick Mahomes and the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs a run for their money in the AFC West.

It's a tired take, but it's applicable yet again. The Chargers roster is really strong. Fans don't want to hear it, but if the team stays healthy ... ooh boy.

The front office shouldn't be seeking out a seismic shake-up. If an upgrade is possible at a reasonable price, then by all means make a move. But selling off a core player in the name of shedding salary for next year?

That would send the wrong message to the locker room, coaching staff included.

Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox's doesn't sense that as a red flag. In a recent article, Knox named one player every team should consider trading before the 2023 season. Keenan Allen was the lucky Chargers winner.

Bleacher Report thinks the Chargers should trade Keenan Allen

That's easy. The Chargers could have a top-five offense in 2023.

If they trade Allen, though, their ceiling drops tremendously, and that's no indictment on Mike Williams or Quentin Johnston, who's impressed at OTAs. Allen simply has been that vital to the offense and is a favorite target of Justin Herbert, who is another variable Knox should have considered in his analysis of the team. Why deprive the franchise QB of a trusted weapon?

Here's part of Knox's argument for LA jettisoning Allen:

“Moving Allen now could help the Chargers because A.) it would net them something of value in return and B.) it could set them up for a palatable 2024 offseason.”

“The Chargers are projected to be $73.9 million over the cap next offseason. Getting under the cap will be tricky, and that’s without factoring in Herbert’s inevitable contract extension. Trading Allen would save just $1.2 million in cap space this year but would clear $23.1 million off of next year’s books.”

Has Knox seen the going rate for receivers? The Rams sent Robert Woods, who's the same age as Allen, to the Titans for a sixth-round pick. Four-time Pro Bowler Amari Cooper went for a fifth-round pick and a sixth-round pick swap.

At best, Allen would net the Chargers a fourth-round pick. And why should they be scurrying to address the 2024 cap in the first place? There's plenty of time for that. Clearing $23.1 million might be temping, but it would come as a detriment to the franchise's foremost important player: Herbert.

We're all for keeping an open mind as far as tinkering with the roster, but trading Allen wouldn't help the team win, and both Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley are fighting to save their jobs this season.