B/R absurdly suggests a wild Chargers player be added to the trade block

Yeah, the Chargers aren't trading this player.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Chargers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Trades in the NFL do not happen in-season very often but when they do, they happen with teams that think they can win the Super Bowl. The LA Chargers are one of those teams as the Bolts definitely have enough talent on the roster to make a deep run in 2023.

Tom Telesco also isn't a complete stranger to making in-season trades. Telesco traded former All-Pro cornerback Desmond King during the 2020 season, showing that he is capable of making in-season moves if the situation calls for it.

One thing the Chargers won't be doing is trading talent away. Yet that is what Bleacher Report recently suggested the team do in a recent article. The folks over at B/R named one player on each NFL team that should be put on the trade block this season and they had an asinine suggestion for the Chargers: Joshua Palmer. Here is the justification:

"Barring another injury to Allen or Williams, the 2021 third-round pick won't see that many passes thrown his way this time around. Plus, the Chargers spent their first-round pick on another wideout in Quentin Johnston, which could mean even fewer targets for Palmer in the fall.

Los Angeles would be wise to strike while the iron is hot and see what it can get for the Tennessee product. Even though he won't be a free agent for two more seasons, his trade value is likely higher now than it will be in the offseason."

Chargers trading Joshua Palmer would be a massive mistake.

It is safe to say that the Chargers are not going to be following the advice of this article and will not be putting Palmer on the trade block. There is absolutely no reason for Palmer to be shopped around right when the wide receiver room in LA is finally deep.

First of all, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams have not been the most consistent in staying healthy. Sure Palmer won't get over 100 targets if everyone is healthy but he is an experienced option that can on a bigger role if need be. Injuries are inevitable in the NFL and it would be a slight surprise if Allen and Williams both play all 17 games.

Plus, while the Chargers did take Quentin Johnston in the first round, Palmer is likely still going to be the WR3 and will get as many (if not more) targets than Johnston. The Chargers do not need to rush Johnston into a big role and he is a completely different type of weapon than Palmer. Both can co-exist.

Most important, though, is the future outlook. At least one of Allen or Williams is going to be cut for salary purposes before the 2024 season. That was guaranteed when the team made bold restructures and then drafted Johnston.

The Chargers would be trading away a receiver that is going to have a prominent role this year and an even bigger role in 2024. They would also be trading away the ability to re-sign him and make him a long-term receiver for Justin Herbert.

And they would be doing that all for what? A fifth-round pick at most? That is not happening.