Bill Belichick may have just revealed Chargers' 2024 NFL Draft plans

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

With the fifth pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the LA Chargers hold the car keys to truly send a massive shockwave throughout the rest of the league. The Chargers have been circled as a prime candidate to trade down in the draft with a quarterback-hungry team looking to fill that void.

All signs are pointing to the Chargers trading down from the fifth pick even though the team would have the opportunity to take a franchise-altering wide receiver if the team simply remained put. Considering the Chargers have one of the worst receiver rooms in the sport, this path is favored by many Chargers fans.

Those fans are going to be happy after the latest comments that Bill Belichick made during an appearance on 'The Pat McAfee Show'. Belichick didn't make any comments about the Chargers specifically, but his insight on how the draft process works as a whole is very revealing about where all of this trade-down chatter is coming from.

Bill Belichick's NFL Draft comments throw cold water on Chargers trading down

With there being so much speculation around the Chargers trading down in the draft, many have assumed that there is real intel coming from inside the Bolts' building that it could happen.

But if we want to listen to the greatest head coach in the history of the sport, all of this speculation and intel from various insiders is not coming from the Chargers, but from agents. This makes perfect sense. It would be in an agent's best interest to inflate the value of his client (especially if he is a quarterback) as them going higher in the draft results in a bigger salary which results in a bigger paycheck for said agent.

Does this mean that the Chargers definitely won't trade down in the 2024 NFL Draft? Not at all. But it is a firm reminder to take everything you hear during this part of draft season with a grain of salt. Nobody really knows what the Chargers are going to do except those in the building. Everyone else is just making educated guesses.

So even though there are analysts with ties to the team that predict one thing, Chargers fans might need to follow the path that is getting the least amount of noise right now. And that path is the most boring path: sticking put at five and drafting one of the generational wide receivers that fall to the team.

It might not be what fans are expecting, or what they want, but it would be what is best for the team. The Chargers desperately need a franchise receiver that Justin Herbert can throw to, and Belichick's comments seem to support the hypothesis that this is the direction the Bolts are taking.