3 biggest Chargers busts halfway through the 2023 season

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Isaiah Spiller has been a bust for the Chargers

Isaiah Spiller has not played much for the Chargers but that is the entire point. The Chargers used a fourth-round pick on Spiller in the 2022 NFL Draft and the selection was applauded by Chargers fans. Spiller, who was a standout at Texas A&M, was called by many fans as being the best "value pick" in the draft.

We here at Bolt Beat were against the selection at the time and the concerns have simply played out at the NFL level. Spiller did not play much in his rookie season as the youngest prospect in the 2022 NFL Draft was not NFL-ready.

The hope was that with an entire season behind him, Spiller could step up and play a role this year. That has not been the case at all and it is a real shame as Spiller could have had the opportunity to carve out a bigger role in the offense.

Austin Ekeler missed several weeks early in the season and that presented an opportunity for Spiller to earn reps and force the Chargers to give him a role. Instead, he hardly got snaps and when he did the results were not great.

It has gotten so bad for Spiller that he has become the RB4 on the depth chart behind an undrafted free agent in Elijah Dotson. Dotson looked good in the preseason but he hasn't necessarily done anything to impress during the regular season.