3 biggest Chargers busts halfway through the 2023 season

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Michael Davis has been a bust for the Chargers

No player on the Chargers roster has had such an up-and-down tenure with the team than Michael Davis. There are times when Davis looks like a legitimate CB1 (and one of the better ones in the league at that). Then there are times when he looks unplayable.

The 2023 season has been an unplayable one for Davis and it has flown under the radar. The early-season headlines were around J.C. Jackson, who was playing just as poorly as Davis but had off-the-field concerns as well.

The Chargers then entered a stretch where the team got to play subpar quarterbacks and Davis' struggles were masked. It will be interesting to see if this stretch allowed Davis to reset and return to form, or if he will get exposed against the Detroit Lions like he has in the past.

Davis played extremely well in the second half of the 2022 season once Jackson suffered a torn patellar tendon and the hope was that he could translate that CB1 play into 2023. On paper, if Davis did that and Jackson didn't self-destruct, the Chargers had one of the best secondaries in the sport.

That has obviously not happened but it is not too late for Davis to turn the ship around. With Jackson out of the picture again, perhaps Davis will continue the strong play into free agency this offseason.