4 best wide receivers the Chargers can sign after trading Keenan Allen

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4. Hunter Renfrow

Yes, this is how bad it is. The fourth-best wide receiver that the Chargers can try to sign for depth is Hunter Renfrow. Nothing against Renfrow, but the options for the Chargers are limited and it is clear that the team is not going to be able to sign a true impact player.

That is what makes this decision so boggling. There were other ways to generate enough cap space for a draft class while keeping Allen. Instead, they traded their franchise quarterback's best player to give him a wide receiver room that is barren with no real great options to replenish it.

Renfrow was once considered one of the best slot receivers in the league before Josh McDaniels came into down and ruined all of his stock. In a perfect world, the Chargers would be able to unlock some of that slot potential.

If Renfrow was able to return to his best form then it would at least be something to add alongside Nabers and Palmer/Johnston on the outside. If Nabers can avoid a slow start in his rookie year, and Johnston develops in year two, then there could be something there.

But all of that is not guaranteed. Just like how Johnston may simply be a bust, Renfrow's days as an ultra-productive slot receiver might be over. After all, he has a combined 585 receiving yards the last two years after posting 1,038 yards in a Pro Bowl campaign in 2021.

And after Renfrow, there really is not anyone worth mentioning. All of the other wide receivers available are no better than WR4s. They are a dime a dozen.