3 best trade package returns the Chargers could get for Austin Ekeler

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The Arizona Cardinals Austin Ekeler trade package

This trade seems rather straightforward. It is just a third-round pick for Austin Ekeler, which in theory, many teams could offer. So what gives? Why is this trade on the list when the other deals are more creative and have players going to the Chargers in return?

The reason is that the Cardinals are probably the one team in the NFL that would trade a third-round pick for Austin Ekeler. As great as Ekeler is, running backs simply don't have that much value, especially when they only have one more year under contract and want an extension.

Not many teams are going to be willing to offer more than a fourth and even that seems a bit high. Arizona, though, is a team that has shown time and time again that it will make flashy moves in order to bring in established talent around Kyler Murray.

Arizona might be getting a mid-round pick out of DeAndre Hopkins and already have an extra compensatory third-round pick. A team that is known for being flashy that has multiple third-round picks is always a team to watch for a trade like this.

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The Cardinals do have James Conner but Ekeler would, on paper, be an excellent complement to him. The team could convince itself that they have the new version of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, which did work wonders for the New Orleans Saints in the past.