The 5 best offensive coordinators in the history of the LA Chargers

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In today's ever-growing offensive league, having an innovative offensive coordinator is imperative. Sometimes the head coach takes on the role of offensive play-caller to negate the need but unless you are one of the lucky few teams with that kind of head coach, you need a great offensive coordinator.

The LA Chargers have had some remarkable offenses throughout the history of the franchise and as a result, there have been several notable offensive coordinators. However, the Chargers have never had a genius offensive mind last long enough at offensive coordinator to truly make a long-lasting difference.

There are still some names from the history of the franchise fans should be familiar with. Let's dive into the best offensive minds to ever hold the coordinator tag.

The 5 best offensive coordinators in LA Chargers history

5. Ken Whisenhunt

Ken Whisenhunt may not seem like someone who belongs on this list as the lasting impression of him was not great with Chargers fans. Whisenhunt's last season with the team in 2019 was ugly as it was Philip Rivers' last year in an offense that just did not click.

However, the track record for Whisenhunt besides that makes him a surefire bet to be named a top-five OC in team history. With 72 games coached, Whisenhunt ranks third in franchise history in games coached among offensive coordinators. There were more success stories than not, as well.

Whisenhunt's first season in 2013 saw him rescue a struggling Chargers' offense, helping Philip Rivers win Comeback Player of the Year. The 2013 Chargers ranked 12th in points and fifth in total yards.

After a stint as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, Whisenhunt returned to pilot three great years of offensive football for the Bolts. The Bolts ranked sixth, 13th and ninth in points scored and 14th, fourth and 11th in yards, respectively, in those three seasons.

4. Dave Levy

It is always tough to judge an offensive coordinator when he coached underneath one of the most innovative offensive minds in league history. Levy was not the driving force of the Chargers' offense during his tenure, that was head coach Don Coryell.

Levy still played a role on offense and considering how great it was at that time, it earns him a top-four spot on this list. Levy served as the team's offensive coordinator for four total seasons across two stints from 1983 through 1985 and then again for one season in 1987.

The 1985 Chargers scored the fourth-most points in franchise history and were the No. 1 scoring offense in the entire league. The '83 Chargers ranked 12th and the '84 Chargers ranked sixth. Hurting Levy's case is the fact his lone year without Coryell was a bad one, ranking 27th.

3. Larrye Weaver

Larrye Weaver is in a similar boat as Levy as he too benefitted from coaching under Coryell. Coryell was the driving force of the offensive success in the 1980s but with there not being many other great options, Weaver gets the third spot on this list despite only spending two years as the offensive coordinator.

Weaver had a shorter tenure than Levy so he does not have the glaring season without Coryell that holds Levy down. The Chargers were the best offense in the league when Weaver was the offensive coordinator, even if it was not completely his doing.

The Chargers ranked first in the league in points scored in Weaver's two seasons. The 1981 Chargers scored the second-most points in franchise history while the 1982 team is only lower on the list because it was a nine-game season. At that season's pace (32 points per game) it would have been the No. 1 scoring offense in franchise history with 16 games.

2. Clarence Shelmon

Clarence Shelmon is not a very familiar name and he unfortunately never got a chance to be the head coach of a team. Offensive coordinator was the highest Shelmon ever got on the coaching pecking order despite the two decades he spent coaching in the league.

Shelmon took over an already talented Chargers team and made sure it did not skip a beat in the slightest during the tail end of the 2000s. Shelmon spent five years as the team's offensive coordinator before retiring and the results speak for themselves.

All five of Shelby's offenses finished among the top 15 seasons in franchise history in total points scored. Compared to the rest of the league, Shelby's offenses ranked fifth, second, fourth, second and fifth in total points scored. The year after he retired, the Chargers ranked 20th.

Shelby undoubtedly benefitted from the talent on the roster and having an offensive-minded head coach in Norv Turner but his track record is still undeniable.

1. Cam Cameron

Cam Cameron served as the offensive coordinator for the Chargers from 2002 through 2006. He recently was under unique scrutiny as all-time great running back LaDainian Tomlinson questioned if Cameron tanked the Chargers' 2006 playoff run so he could prepare for his upcoming head coaching gig.

While that is certainly an ugly mark on Cameron's legacy, it is impossible to deny him as the best offensive coordinator in team history. Cameron coached under a defensive-minded head coach in Marty Schotenheimer and was responsible for one of the best offenses (and runs) in franchise history.

Cameron joined a dysfunctional Chargers team and quickly helped turn the tide of the franchise. Three of his five seasons as OC rank in the top-10 seasons in franchise history in total points scored. The 2006 Chargers, who averaged 30.8 points per game, rank No. 1 in franchise history.

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Cam Cameron



Clarence Shelmon



Ken Whisenhunt



Dave Levy



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